Carbon removal is growing fast. We’re making high integrity, easy.

Our projects optimize stakeholder revenues and facilitate the certification of high-quality carbon assets

What we do

There are millions of acres of degraded land ideal for natural carbon removal

We optimize carbon removal and maximize co-benefits, creating the most value for the planet – and for the project developer

Carbon removal is a massive financial opportunity – and it can’t wait

We deliver a seamless origination-to-issuance flow, with bespoke value chain interconnections, machine-readable standards, and transparent accountability

The US has lost over 70% of soil organic carbon, providing up to 90GT of opportunity

We enable comprehensive and high integrity soil carbon monitoring and reporting with our spatial intelligence and MRV platform

Why we do it

Emissions Reduction

Radical cuts of up to 85% in GHG emissions are essential in order to achieve net zero

Carbon Removal

High integrity nature-based carbon removal is fueling up to 20X market growth

Scale & Speed

Moving fast cannot come at the cost of lower quality – integrity must come first

Who we are

Founding Team


We are dedicated to building a pipeline of high integrity carbon removal. We are conservationists, engineers, and ecologists. Our shared values define us.

Pabitra Aryal, PhD

AGRONOMIST | Precision Site Assessment & Capability Identification

Sam Brown

 | Seamless Integration of GIS and Machine Learning

Gagan Chaudhari

CTO | Delivering Proprietary Technology Platform & Infrastructure

Oliver Luker

CEO | Operational Scaling and Growth

Sonja Tiegs

| Scaling High Integrity Ecosystem Restoration

Adam Zumbrunnen

CFO | Financial Analysis & Investor Relations

Our Values

Equity & Inclusion

We convene all stakeholders, prioritizing historically marginalized and oppressed groups, to build a truly equitable, inclusive and explicitly anti-racist environment

Transparency & Compliance

We provide effective, clearly documented and compliant land management solutions that are backed by peer-reviewed, externally verified calculations

Accountability in Urgency

We embody urgency with unyielding accountability, ensuring clear ownership where urgency does not come at the price of eroding core organizational values


We cultivate curiosity, with an adaptive management framework that ensures a readiness to explore, question, and innovate continuously

Constant Growth

We seek to advance ourselves, our partners, and the broader carbon ecosystem, nurturing collective growth in the carbon removal ecosystem


We restore ecosystems that provide diverse social and economic benefits, enriching all natural communities within these environments


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